Developing Outstanding Changemakers

Developing Outstanding Changemakers

Helping Your Mission to Create a Better World Succeed

Using Strategy with Spirit and the Undeafeatable Laws of Nature

Holistic Strategies, Tools and Training for Changemakers,

Social Entrepreneurs, Campaigners, Industry Associations,

and Difference Makers.

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Why Strategy With Spirit?

Reason #1
We are holistic beings in a world with a myriad of financial, social and environmental problems. It’s time to depart from the limits of let brain mission strategies and embrace all that we are and all that we are capable of. During my journey to overcome two different cancers, and save a billion dollar industry from ruin, I discovered why we spiritual humans have the capability to defy the odds, achieve impossible missions and accelerate the transformation the “stuff” we don’t want. It has to do with taking an holistic approach to everything we do, so we tap into our personal Mojo power. Combining Strategy with our Spirit nature and abilities, while working in harmony with the Undefeatable Laws of Nature that govern our physical universe, our missions become like those Laws, Undefeatable. I have summed this concept up in the phrase Strategy With Spirit Evolution, because we are evolving beyond approaching our missions as just a body with a brain. Yarhoo! We have Mojo living inside of us. Now is the time Unleash our Mojo and fulfill our Missions for positive change in the world.
Reason #2
We are living in a time where people are increasingly impatient with government not representing the collective spirit of the people to live in sustainable and humanitarian ways. Governments themselves state their agencies are inefficient and hand off responsibility to corporations because they are more efficient, rather than increasing their level of competence. Hey! Peeps – It’s up to us! For peaceful and graceful transition of our world from the industrial value system to a sustainable value system, we need to – If we want to live sustainably then we need to embrace the Laws of Nature and live in harmony with them, because they are Undefeatable. You can’t break them. So missions for change aligned to these Laws will also be Undefeatable. You’ve heard of how the Law of Attraction can change your life. Why not use all the Laws to Transform the World and make it a better place for all? It’s out time. No other time there is.
Reason #3
Perhaps the biggest reason to incorporate a Strategy With Spirit approach into your missions, campaigns, business, life, is because we have a big clean up job ahead of us if we want to thrive on this planet. This would be the time for us to access the greater creative power and genius within, as spiritual co-creators, so no job seems too overwhelming nor challenge unsurmountable. As we incorporate Strategy With Spirit we learn more about ourselves and our creative nature. We access our extra-ordinary higher abilities as creators. How fun is that?
Reason #4
It works! Mainstreamers say to me, “Isn’t that just a bit too woo woo?” My response: “Woo Woo saved a billion dollar industry from ruin, achieving in just six months what that industry failed to achieve in 7 years.” Results speak for themselves. There are millions of people around the world applying spiritual principles and values to their lives and businesses to increase their results. All I’m saying is, isn’t it time we apply those principles to make our world more loving, kind, equitable, sustainable and magnificent for ALL of humanity, and for the creatures and planet under our care?

Reviews & Testimonials

Nicola Grace has a terrific energy…. One hour with Nicola is such good value, she’ll have you believing you can transform the world…

- Reverand Margo Knox, Business Owner Graceful Transitions

Nicola is a truly dynamic presence in her field. She is a forthright and inspirational speaker, uplifting others with her incredible commitment to her life’s work and life journey.

- Franchelle Ofsoske-Wyber, Entrepreneur, Business Owner First Flight Flower Essences

Nicola is a dynamic presenter and facilitator of change at a very high level. Her integrity is unparalleled, her enthusiasm and laughter contagious…

- Jackqui Oliver, Relations Strategist

Nicola Grace is an amazing transformational coach. You’ll get more value in an hour than you can dream of having.

- Barbarh Gummin, TLC 5

WOW! Nicola inspired me to step up in a way I didn’t know was achievable. Nicola is a passionate visionary with honesty and personal power she infectiously transfers to you, having you believe you can accomplish the impossible...

- Eve Johnson, Business Owner, Entrepreneur

While many speakers are all talk and no action, Nicola excels at both. I’ve seen how she can inspire and lift the spirits of a room of despondent men and women. I’m confident she can inspire you, your team or audience too.

- Eric Blankenbyl, Entrepreneur and Business Owner